Drafting Desk

This is a little wip I have been working on for a couple hours. The drafting desk is exactly mine, so I know the model is relatively right. I tried indigo for the render with decent results, about 11 hours on an out of the box hp. I don’t really know what to add besides some scales and rulers and stuff. Any suggestions.

P.S. I know the sun is to bright.

Dude that is sick O_O I envy you to be able to do this in a few hours.

There’s no shadows from that bucket at the far left of the shot. Is that intentional? Or is it in a place where there’s not enough light to make a shadow?

Looks great, i think a slight texture on the desk would help though - i doubt that it is perfectly clean :stuck_out_tongue: The floor looks great

Thank you everybody.
@ Borgleader, it took 11 hours!
@Guitar87, I do not know why this happened and it was unintentional
@Saypen, thanks, you are right my desk is definitely not that clean.