Drag & Drop collection of 400 Low Poly books

Hello everyone again. The idea came to me to create this drag and drop collection after creation of my next interior scene (don’t have time to render it out). I needed there about 60 books. I started to think that it could be useful to create a drag and drop colelction not only for me but for all blender users. While you create a interior scene or any environment for game or animation, books and any accessories make the scene more interesting. I’m not talking about books for e.g. 10 different colours of books, but i’m talking about fully textured low poly books and while you zoom on it you will be able to see actual text and title (see image). They are low poly only 16 vert. More is just not needed. These 12 vert make the model more “realistic”. They are impossible to open and view pages. All textures have been taken by me using a camera but most of them were just downloaded from the internet.

Today I provide huge amount of books (384). Every texture is different so you can simply copy and paste the books and you will have extra 400 without notice, that something has changed and any book is duplicated.

On the image there are screenshots, because I use laptop and it wasn’t just possible to render it out (it was crashing). Sorry for the huge file size but there are textures packed into the blend file. To unpack them go to : File ----> External Data ----> Unpack into files and here you go. If you like it leave a comment.

I’ll edit the file or upload more books into the blendswap my target is 1000 books.

For my portfolio and more projects check out my blog: http://3dmieszkolacinski.wordpress.com/

Download Link : https://dl.dropbox.com/u/72386066/Drag%20and%20drop%20collection%20of%20all%20books.zip

Wow, thanks for this. One tip - if you want to instantly double the count you already have then use colour invert. In case of books it doesn’t really matter (unless it’s a fully visible book in the front) and you get double the count almost for free. Also what would be cool is to “pack” the textures together. There’s a limit of 100 textures with cycles on GPU, so it would be beneficial if several books took their texures from one bigger texture with several book covers in it. I also hunted down the bug for you. It renders perfectly but you need to delete one book. It took me a while to find which one it is… :slight_smile: It’s brown.book.215 with a bitmap finaldigital.jpg. The crash is caused by the bitmap. If I unplug it or replace it with another one it works. I’m not sure if it is blender’s bug or bug in the file, because it opens normally in an external editor.

Thanks for it, I’ll replace the download file with new one later on.

Thanks Now it’s working, as soon as i upload it into my dropbox I’ll replace the existing link with a new one.

thanks for the books.

could you please tell what is the best method to get some of these books into another file?
1? 3Dview: Copy, Paste
2? Link
3? Another method?

Crazy - I might not ever need it but I appreciate that you give this to the community!


I don’t have words to thank you! I well know how much booring making books is! Thankyou expecially for the textures!

Very useful! You’re awesome!!

Great but next time try using metric system then we won’t need to scale them.

Thank you so much!
It will come in handy sooo many times!
Thx for sharing!

I’m glad, that those books are so useful to you. I was doing the collection about 2 days and yes it was very boring. Here is a sample how the books were used to produce interesting homemade library: http://3dmieszkolacinski.wordpress.com/portfolio/#jp-carousel-179

compliments your was a great job!
But I have problems with GPU computing, In rendering with gpu you lose some texture…
I reduced the texture from 120mb to 3mb but the problem persists.
these are my graphics cards, blender 267b, win7
gtx 550 ti (1GB)+ 580 (3GB)
knows someone explain to me how to fix it?

no problem with the CPU computing the texture are visible in the rendering

After the tests have verified that it is not possible to render this type of file with the GPU because of the very high number of textures that are present in the file (380).

If I make a test by duplicating some other books (those that are rendered) for many times then I can render even thousands of texture with the GPU. I think it is a limit of Blender that can not handle too many different textures!!

If you want to go ahead with a trial this file (7mb)

test calculation in CPU -> ok
test calculation in GPU -> ???

this is my output in 3dview gpu rendered

deletes all books leaving only some of those that have the texture. Duplicate many times these books and then do a render with the GPU.

this is my output in 3dview gpu rendered

ops, duplicate… pardon!

Just wanted to leave a thank you for this nice collection. And show what I’ve done with it. Blog post here: http://www.azvavisuals.com/blog/setubal-public-library-competition-visualisations/

thanks very much for the collection!! i’m sure it will be very useful!! :slight_smile:

The link for this is now broken! :frowning:

Could someone who has access to this either provide a separate link or re-upload? This solution looks great and it would be massively appreciated if anyone can help out! :slight_smile:

I found my copy of this. here’s a link:

If I used other people’s libraries, this would be awesome!

:confused: I’m so stubborn…