Drag & drop not working in 2.8

Hey guys. So I keep seeing everyone using drag and drop to open new images/textures in node editor, also opening files by dropping them in the viewport and so on, but for some reason it seems I don’t have this feature enabled. Is there a setting or something that I need to activate first in order for this work ? I haven’t found it so far. I’ve also reinstalled Blender, just in case, but still same thing.

No you don´t need to activate anything.

It could be that you are using the wrong file-format.
As an example: You can drag and drop jpg and png images into blender but not svg images.
Have you tried jpg or png images?

Y’know, just today I had that same problem. I went to the file manager (in my case, Finder), found the image I wanted to drag-and-drop into Blender, and it wouldn’t work! I tried again, you never know, and still nothing…

…until I realized I was in Edit Mode :man_facepalming: D’OH!


Yup, tried jpg/png and still nothing. It’s odd that drag and drop doesn’t work in viewport either, like when trying to open a blend file, or OBJ etc.
Thought about the edit mode thing, but it’s not it.
This is how the mouse cursor looks when trying to drop a file in:

Works just fine for me on OSX Mojave 10.14.6

I didn’t actually know about this feature till this thread, thats so handy!

Tried on Widnows 10. Opened fresh blender. and dragged in a .blend file. upon dropping it on the window a “popup menu” showed up asking if I want to open it, Link it or Append it.

Image wise, using “shading” window layout, i dropped an image and node with the image showed up

Well then I guess I’m the lucky winner of a random rare bug, such is life. Would’ve been nicer to be able to use this feature too, but guess it’s not the end of the world.

Have you tried resetting to Factory Defaults instead of simply reinstalling? There might be something in your preferences that’s messing it up.

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I honestly don’t know what could be. I did that too, didn’t work, then I uninstalled with Geek unistaller, which found like 2000 leftover files and registry settings after Blender finished uninstalling, rebooted windows, did a fresh install from the latest version on official site, still not working.

What operating system are you using? Does dragging dropping of files work elsewhere? Like dragging an image into a browser (I do this a lot when wanting to do a Google image search).

It might be worth you reporting this as a bug through Help>Report a Bug… directly from Blender (so that all your info is filled out for you in the bug report)

Windows 10, yes it works fine inside Windows.
Indeed, I just made a bug report a few minutes ago. I don’t have high hopes as I’m sure they have thousands of reports to sift through, but we’ll see.

One other thing you could try, to get more information rather than a fix, is to open your Console Window before attempting a drag and drop: Window>Toggle System Console

That might throw up some errors or other useful information you could add to your bug report.

Tried that too, no joy.

Either way, it’s been quite a few days now that I’ve been trying to fix this with no luck, safe to say whatever bug Blender had was in some settings file deep down in a folder in Windows somewhere, that I could not find to delete it. I grew tired of trying to fix it so today I went ahead and nuked everything, took it all from scratch, reinstalled a fresh Windows copy and now, finally, Blender 2.8 is working as it should.

I suppose that’s one way to fix the bug.

I have the same issue on Windows 10 with an installed version of blender 2.80 (+admin)

I tried with the zip versions of 2.80/2.81 and drag and drop works in 3D view and nodes

So imo, the bug is only for installed version.

You inspired me. So the answer to the question(windows version) is not to run blender.exe as administrator. In other platform, I guess, try running blender as normal user would solve this issue.


hi, i had to deselect a face in edit mode for the drag and drop of a png file worked.

Hey I came across this post looking for the same answer. I found that when file explorer is in list view, you’ll select multiple files. If you change the view to thumbnails, the drag and drop works : ) Cheers

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I found a solution , it works only if the images, are in Documents folder, then i can drag and drop.


I had this same problem. What eventually worked in my case was to remember to extract the files (the files were from a tutorial and came zipped), so I made a new folder and moved the destination of the files there. When I did this it worked immediately. I guess it had issues reading the zip.

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Amazing, thanks for the tip. :slight_smile: