Drag game mode Blender 2.25

(JD-multi) #1

I found a drag mode script on a blender site and I tried to make something in the drag mode script. When I render the scene in blender 2.25 you’ll see the textures but when I save it as a runtime I don’t see them, everything is white. What did I wrong and how can I fixt it :frowning: ?
You can download the drag mode runtime http://home.hetnet.nl/~jdvhulst/files/test2.exe

(azrael) #2

To see the textuers in Realtime you need to use UV mapping or the like.
(someone please tell me if there is another way)

But that is why you can’ only see them in the render.


(Eskorte) #3

I’ve got the same problem when I save a scene and watch it with the web plugin. I see a white (or black) non-shaded object without a contour.
Can I solve this with UV mappings?? (I would test it if I were at home…)

(dreamsgate) #4

I just learned about this. You either use UV mapping or you can:

  1. assign your materials like normal
  2. Go into face mode (F key)
  3. Go to edit buttons and press make Vert color (it’s at the bottom of the second row of buttons from the left)

(Eskorte) #5

Okay, Vertex Color works, but UV mapping does not work (I believe it will work when I use the right settings :wink: ):

Rendered with Blender:

Internet Explorer:

(JD-multi) #6

Cool thanks dudes. He I rendered my first movie with amature at http://home.hetnet.nl/~jdvhulst/files/alien_plant.avi I’ll try the vertex color thanks guys :smiley: