Drag n' drop them assets

About time for me to make this pitch, one thing I’d like to work on is an editor for UPBGE.
You know, dragging and dropping assets into the scene within Blender rather than at game runtime.

One can just link and duplicate of course but I’ve seen this causes issues every now and then.
You need to make a local copy just to move an object around, which means now it’s only linking mesh data – changes to logic on the original aren’t reflected on instances. This is problematic.

I have a few ideas on how to make Blender better accommodate game design, some of them feasible some others I don’t know, but it would also be cool to get a general idea of what everybody else feels is lacking currently.

Probably not going to work on this right now but sometime in the near future.
So, any thoughts or suggestions?

linking groups and instancing is about as close as you will get to this.

this is how the bge users have been coping for so long. its basically like any other asset library, without the actually library ui and previews.

I’m thinking designate an asset folder within the project and set up paths. In editor, just show a representation – store any data necessary to create an instance + any modifications within an empty, and nothing more; get full control over which blend data is imported on LibLoad calls.

If an asset library is just a collection of zeros and ones to pass freely between scenes, all the better. I believe we will eventually be able to do this in 2.8, with bpy on the executable and all.

So mostly a lot of UI busywork, but also some cool functionality that may not be so tough to implement.