Dragging of objects with arrows ambidextrous or moveable arrows?

I just finished working tonight and was enjoying Blender after by playing with the application for the first time. I have a Cintiq graphics tablet and noticed it is possible to drag the cube with the arrows that are directed in upward and right directions from the center of the cube. I assume these represent one axsis view, but is it possible to change there orientation. I have learned to be ambidextrous.

Are you referring to the manipulator? You can change the orientation easily enough from the link, but I’m not sure where the ambidextrous part comes in.

I want to move the arrows to the left side so I can drag the object with the arrow with the left hand. I would also like to move the arrow pointing upward to point downward. It’s the arrow that extends from the center of the object, One is green in color (the one pointing up) the other is red. I’m using a stylus to drag the object with the arrows.

As far as I know, you cant change the orientation of the arrows in the way you are describing, only their size (User preferences window --> View and controls -->3d transform widget; for 2.49)

I don’t think you need to change the orientation in order to use your other hand, they just point in the positive direction of each axis.

And if you can, you should use your right hand for the pen, left for keyboard. Blender relies on lots of shortcut keys.

I personally turn off the manipulator and press G, R, or S(Grab/move, Rotate, or Scale) followed by X, Y, or Z, or MMB>drag in axis direction to snap to the axis I want.