Dragon and cyborg women models available in blendswap

Hi everyone!
This is my contributions for the community.
You can download it from Blendswap

Here’s the pictures!
Hope you’ll like it :wink: !

really impressive!!! wonderful models. thanks for sharing!

very usable…looks good

very cool models.

thanks for sharing. I’d love to see someone rig and animate the robot, that would be awesome.

Awesome. Which render engine have you used for these?

Hi! Thanks for comments!
@ Goosey : For the dragon i used blender internal with a basic 3 points lightnening setup and for the cyborg i used Cycles. This render engine is really good it will symplify a lot of things.
@ Comeinandburn : yes i’d like to see it too, i admit that a rig for robotics things like this is very difficult with a lot of constraints. It was a mess when i wanted to add a ik constraint… if a good rigger is here…^^

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to post this render done with the dragon model!


Downloading, downloading…
The link is this.
Thanks for sharing.