Dragon Animation

I just want show you my last job.

All reviews are wellcome.



For the most part, the Dragon looks pretty good, a few things.

The mouth looks nice and slimy, but the horns and skin look a little too shiny (I don’t know what the deal is, but it seems to be an all too common practice among CG creature artists).

The eye could use a bit more SSS (and maybe a more complex model) to get rid of the glass look at the beginning.

The Dragon appears to roar, but the tongue doesn’t move at all (it often does when a creature opens its mouth).

you’re right I appreciate it a lot. I will make some changes especially in the horn

Wow, nice animation and great model as well

Although I’m really not an expert in animation, maybe it would be better if the movement would be a bit smoother. Right now the dragon really seems to move from keyframe to keyframe, especially the first left to right movement of its head