DRAGON Awakens breakdown

This quick render was a very good exemple of how Crowdrender can help you with rendering.
I began with rigging the dragon’s face, then i watched several references ( like smaug from the hobbit and drogo from GOT )
I did the animation and apply a special softbody simulation over it to get all this skin details and jiggling parts.
On a single workstation, rendering time for a frame was about 3-4 min at a very good optimized settings at 256 samples.
For final rendering, i launch the process on Cycles with crowd render on 3 workstations : about 50 sec per frames.
Crowdrender is a solution for rendering onto several computer, constantly updating. This way i was able to fire a render very quickly and re-render it everytime i changed something.

Maybe that’s a bit too jiggly for cinematic purpose i exaggerated it.

Crowdrender : https://www.crowd-render.com

if you have any questions, i’ll be happy to answer it in a comment.

PC spec : i7 6800 k, gtx 1080, 32 Go.


Amazing realistic eye and skin. Bravo

it’s very jiggly, like octopus almost, could you make octopus-dragon creature, lol lol - -

or, like star-fish or, jelly-fish - -

This is nuts! How did you do all of this!?