Dragon Ball Z - Goku vs Gegeta: Confrontation

So this was an interesting animation. The fight scenes were pretty good. However, I do have some issues with the animation. More importantly with the texturing of both combatants.

Now, I already know that as a dead giveaway, the texture and model of Normal Goku was place on top of his Super Saiyan form. That could make some people make them want to look twice at what they are looking at as the camera pans up to his face.

You could have just simply take normal Goku, texture and model, and switch out the model visibility to his Super Saiyan Form in the Outliner by key framing the “eye” in that section.

Another odd thing about it is that when they do start fighting, SSJ Vegeta is more blurry compared to Goku. Did something happen in the render that made him look that way?

I’ve also noticed that when they move from spot to spot in the air. You can see them moving to each spot. It maybe a blur, but you can see it. You can remedy that problem by switching from Bezier to Constant interpolation in the curve editor to eliminate that.

Now, here’s the thing when it comes to using models from game ready assets. Normally when they are ripped from the game, they usually have different textures to show expression. But in other instances, it doesn’t come with any extra content. So that is kind of a toss up. However, it would be nice to have some facial expression every once in a while.

As previously stated, the animation is good over all, but make sure you match the texture on the models and fix the problem with the blur and movement.

Thanks for the advices, XeroShadow, i’ll try to use them on our next projects. I really have a bad time using the game models, cause i coudnt find the normal Goku whit his orange cloths, i had only the normal form goku from Dragon Ball GT… and the DBZ SSJ, so i was forced to make a mix…well, that not work as i spected, but…well, it worked a bit. Vegeta i had the 2 models, so you can see him becomig bigger when i switched the layers. Well, is that. Thanks for the feedback (and sorry for my bad english)

I can give you at least 2 sources of where to find more models like that. Deviantart and The Model Resource website.