Dragon [Beware]

Haven’t really done any dragons… Thought I might. :smiley:

LOL! I’d love to see a movie with all your characters in it, I think that would be awesome.

Nice work! You might reroute the edgeloop aroun the leg so it is consistant.


Your low-poly stuff rocks.

Holy flying hippo-dragons, batman! o_o :).

I think it would look more like a dragon if the snout came to more of a point. It kind of resembles more of a dinosaur than a dragon right now. Nice start.

It looks a lot more hippo then Dragon.

The modeling is fairly nice though.

I opt for Hippo-Dragon too… a lovely little species. This is a funny dragon in contrast to some “other” work around here :wink:

Everyone takes dragons way too seriously. It’s nice to see a light-hearted, cartoon type every once and a while.

I love it. keep going

Ahh! The Venus of Willendorf of dragonkind! Calvin Rocks :smiley:

Sorry, but it’s apparent when a Dragon is done like that it makes me cringe. This coming from an actual…you know what I mean.

I’m still having trouble calling BgDM’s beaked creature head a Dragon.

It’s his project so if that is how he wants it fine.

I wasn’t talking about you, CD.

But, considering that–in spite of being a magical, beautiful dragon deep down in your starlit soul–you’ve never actually seen a dragon, you don’t have a lot to talk about. Anyways, it’s a caricature,. There are caricatures made of people all the time, why not dragons?

You’re right, It is his project. Get off the high horse. Or high dragon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess dragons would be higher than horses, having wings and all. Or a spy satellite, that’d be awesome.

I know what my true ‘Dragon’ form may have really looked like, does that count?

Enough about that, I’m a Dragon, you should learn to co-exist with one, bla bla bla. Such discussion is not fit for this thread.

good work
very aerodynamic

Exactly it’s not fit for this thread, so quit insulting his art just because you think you know better.

I’m not insulting his art, it’s just it doesn’t immediately ring Dragon to me.

As I said the modeling looks good, the overall form looks good. I just have trouble with the title. But different people have different ideas and different perspectives and different styles.

Would you jerks please PM eachother instead of waisting forum space.
Calvin, nice model so far, I love your low poly style. The wings crack me up :slight_smile: Are you going to have two little front arms like a tyrannosaurus? That could really be funny.

Why are such people allowed to post in such a topic :confused: . You are “Scalie” and not one inch of a dragon ( as then you would behave “better” roll-eyes ). Anyways, please take your Furry/Scalie talk elsewhere. I see enough of this bullshit all day on DA so please leave this place alone with this kind of talk.

This is a funny critter which doesn’t take what a dragon is all about serious so this is good like it is. “Pseudo”-Dragon work ( like maybe yours, I did not come across one yet ) is annoying but not something like this.

Wow, lots of posts!
Thanks for all the comments. I just got home and after seeing this thread…yeah. :smiley:

I left the feet simple for now, maybe will make them more detailed later on.
Woodman5k: hmm… maybe will add some arms.

hehe, He looks lovely! And it does look like a dragon in my opinion. Just a little more detail, a good texture, and it’ll turn out so awesome