Dragon Crusader, Eagle Warrior, Temple and untilted

sup dewds, been along time since I post anything reason being that we curently move and it turns out that theres something wrong with the cable connection here :x so heres a few things ive done C&C welcome :smiley:

Dragon Crusader


Eagle Warrior






Overall they all look pretty good, I really like the water in the last two pics. There’s few things that struck me as being a little odd though.

The neck plates on the Dragon Crusader look like they would inhibt shoulder movement and visibility. Plus it looks like he has a tiny waist, although that might just be a perspective thing from the thigh pads.

On the last picture, the arch-bridge closest to the viewer looks a bit steep.

Hey, nice stuff!
In a matter of fact, I don’t fancy in the armor concepts, I like more realistic touch, but trhe technique of those is very nice, and I must say that I like Very much the last two pics


Excellent modeling.
Just like Run I would say the waist on the first character looks a little thin, but maybe that’s just an illusion because of the contrast between the thin waist and the large armor part around the neck (I like a lot that “big” neck armor)
The eagle is really nice too, the armor looks almost organic on this one.

The temple and brigde scene are really great too. Maybe the temple need more details in the modeling… like… errr… something on the roof… I don’t know what (or I don’t know the name in english) but the roof seems a little empty.

Awesome stuff Rolando.

I assume the human models are from MakeHUman mesh? The hands seem to give it away. The clothing and armor is superb though. Excellent detail and attention to details.

The bridge image is fantastic. The water look perfect.


eagle and the water is total super :smiley: I really like them :smiley:

Awesome job.

That untitiled place loks bit like that one place in Morrowind with the pyramids. you should make some pyramids to go along with it.

and your character models are absolutely spectacular. i wish I could do that. I suck at organic things.

Keep up the Good Work.

thanks for the comments dewds and yeah the crusader’s waist do look odd but me work on it when i have the time.

Bgdm: yep the arms are from makehuman but everything else is…well I just went with the flow while modeling it thats probably why the crus waist is out of proportion :slight_smile: , and I also atemp to model me own head but I was way off but atlease he looks asian right?

Eagle War’s Weapon and no its not a bow %|

Very cool weapon design. Taper curves are very cool to use.


sweet work!

nice work as stated, on the scene renderings though, the lack of details and the blurriness, makes it look like miniature.


excellent stuff
i really like the building landscapes
and the modeling for the eagle and armor are great
only crit would be the bicept of the man, looks pushed in, i would push them both back away from the chest, more outward
nice work though look forward to updates

Very nice water in the last 2 pics and good modeling in all of them.