dragon evo

a small update
any comments? help? crits?


Using a Bugtracker now. Bugs 2 (still in testing) but here´s the link if anybody want´s to know how the game is progressing http://hjem.zegeniestudios.net/dev/b2/index.php?scope=dgevo

btw, almost done with the mesh of the main character now!! :smiley:
Here are the almost fnished images of the mesh



Ok… so some updates. I Really REALLYY suck at texturing, so thought i´d begin with his little “saddl”. Here are the finished textured version of his little saddle/pouch.

not the frontview


Okay… the white is what I haven´t textured yet, and what i have textured so far is just temporary to get the feeling of how he´s going too look like. But it might not be too far off from what I had in mind. But i´ve had the flu for two days now, and probably a few more days, so not much time to work on DE. But I might get an hour or two for texturing.


nice concept art… here’s a link to a site with cool texture painting tuts… models are looking cool so far… your texture painting not to bad.


he goes into some cool theory… some of the tuts are for 3dsmax but he concepts the same for all 3d packages

I think it would be really funny if the ending was something like: after discovering that he was a dragon he felt as if kansas held no worth to him. From that day on he would spend the rest of his days starting flame wars on blenderartists.org/forum.

how much texture space is that saddle taking up. I just can’t see the pixelation in the giant images you posted. It looks the saddle got its own 1024 sheet. You might need to economize your texturing a bit. But i can’t really tell if this is the case from pictures.

Kirado: Cool, thanks, will be reading them. Thanks for the comment.

Jessegp: hm… i think the texture size is somewhat close to 1024 if not bigger :P, I know i´m going to set down the texture quality very soon. Btw, what is kansas? (Can´t know every single english word)

Okay, so will probably be getting some texturing done later today, just woke up.


Okay, was kind of tired of doing just textures, so thought i´d just wrap this one up for now. Will be adding more detailed textures later, but need something to work on right now. So here is our Hero.

Next, level making, bones and animation, action triggers, cutscenes and all that stuff… oh where to begin (just kidding i know where to begin :P… not really )

btw, is there an easy way/script that can stop my character from falling over? tried bounds (every kind of bounds) but if he falls from a distance, or he jumps to high(and spins/turns at the same time) he falls over. Every other games don´t have this problem… what am I missing?


sounds like a grate idea i am currently in the planing stage of a first person type game not sure on details yet

lots of problems happened. firstly… when i moved the blend file and started doing some armatures then when i try to play the whole character had turned black, i tried both replacing and reloading the textures and i think i´ve checked everything but it doesnt work. + i´ve also lost some the info of my assigned materials. so when i choose material 8 eg. i don´t get his hand or any other verticies… it´s just lost. and now if i´m in the camera i get only blue on the screen but if i´m not in the camera the character dissapear the moment i press p, but reapear when i get back to modeling… HELP HELP HELP!


Okay… at least here are some updated pictures


Okey… so far so good. The story is beeing made, and in the meantime, i will be doing some good old usual blender. No GE… but will post the work here later on as it is for my game. Stay tuned.

Can somebody give me a couple of tutorials for how to make good topology. I really suck at topology, and i’m planning on a little animation short for a cutscene, so would be nice to have the topology right. Not just humans, but topology in it self… how to get it right… PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS :smiley:



Try the Make human models for your examples to get the proportions right (they even have them the correct scale for the physics engine :slight_smile: )…

I place them on layer 2 so I can turn them on and off… one for the side view, and one for the front and back view… turning on the wire frame draw mode on the examples helps keep them out of the way.

as far as modeling low-poly humans in general, take look at google, or yahoo… there are litteraly millions of low poly tutorials out there…
polycount has some great tutorials on low poly things… I try to stick with quake 3 like models…

here is how a quake 3 model works… perhaps you can use some of the method in your game… they make it in 3 parts for hit detection, and for the parts to be facing diffrent directions.


Here is Poly Count… they do all kinds of different game models there…

If you are refeering to the porportions on my the character i have now, they are supposed to be like that. It was made out of drawings done in manga/chibi mode…

If not, thanks, or thanks anywais, will look into it.


Ok, just would like to say, that it´s going to be very quiet for some weeks now. Going to be working very hard, + i´m preparing my wedding, and moving all at the same time. But at least so nobody think that i´m dead or anything… that is, if I don´t reply within a year I might be dead, but lets hope not (at least i don´t hope so :stuck_out_tongue: ) But anywais, the next time you see some screenies from the game, it will be a lot better i hope. The textures and mainchar will be redone (the model, not the sketches) so that is said. I will be replying on posts, but don´t think i will update this for a few weeks now. But at least, the game story is done, all of it. And I just need to take some time learning a bit more low poly modeling and texturing. That beeing said, happy blending to everyone…
-Wish me good luck now :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG! IT HAS BEEN OVER A YEAR!!! IS HE DEAD?!?!?!:p:evilgrin:

he got married… so as good as? :wink:

plays TAPS We will remember him.:(:yes::o

Damn, I remember when this project was first started. When I saw this thread back at the top I instantly though “OMFG THONDAL’S BACK!!!”… Thanks for bringing me down memory lane :slight_smile:

No Problem! I am actually woring with him now. We are tossing around ideas for a new movie/game. I think he is great to work with.