Dragon fire, Lavafalls, Dust storms, etc.

Basically just used the standard billboard approach. I was trying to make some more realistic turbulence with a combination of particles, spheres, and lattices, but it got so complicated, I just decided to give up and wait for 2.5. Anyways, enjoy? :cool:

Video Examples

Video Tutorials
Part 1 - Scene Setup
Part 2 - Nodes
Part 3 - Finishing Touches


Smoke.blend (495 KB)

First class special effects!
Would you explain at least the basics behind those effects :slight_smile:

Great stuff! So these are procedural textures on flat polys?

Very impressive, wish i knew how it was done.


Tutorial! Tutorial! Tutorial!

Okay. Which do you prefer, video tutorials or written tutorials? Really, its nothing that you can’t find on the internet, but I can do a tutorial anyways.

I think written tutorials are better.
But it is a question of your personal preference.
Thank you!

You are officially the next Colin Lister, the Dragon fire effect is just stunning.

Shows what you can really do with a bunch of billboards and node magic.

I prefer video as you get both audio comments from the author, and a no interpretation needed step by step of what he/she did. Or maybe I’m just lazy? :rolleyes:

P.S: Not making a tutorial on this is criminal :wink:

Outstanding effects! Could you, please, post .blend files?

Really nice work. I vote Video Tut as well.

Really awesome work. I’ll watch/read a tutorial if you make it.

Awesome, I would love to see the node setup/.blend/tutorial

Wow, great effects ! Congratulations.

Well, for my own, I’d prefer written tutorials, because English is not my native language and because of the speed and different accents I often can’t understand a single word of video tutorials !

VERY nice! I’ll throw in my vote for tutorial, either written or video.

The info may be out there on the web already, but you’ve put it together into some truly inspirational effects.

written tutorial please please please :slight_smile:

I’d rather just see a finished Blend posted.

Have you ever done sand falling onto an object? That would be cool…I would very much like to have the smoke blend file…

yes, a finished blend is also a good alternative… but written text with the information on WHY has something been done as it was would be ūbercool.

I am going to keep watching this thread. Can’t wait for the tutorials… and maybee a blend file. :smiley: