Dragon Head Model

lately ive been working on a model of a dragon head, as a modeling exercise.

I’m liking the design of it.
But I think the modeling looks a bit messy.
Could you post a wire?

the lower part of the neck looks kinda cubic but im rly digging the design

Yeah sorry if it looks blocky, but heres a wireframe, and a wireframe solid image :slight_smile:

reminds me of a sea dragon, like a sea horse. looks nice.

It looks like you have some basic modeling skill to pull this off.

Though there’s some places where it can be more difficult to find a common facial feature, it’s not always obvious on where the lower jaw is, I see a try at Dragon teeth but it’s not obvious where the actual mouth is.

Gotcha, this is my first try at modeling a dragon. So do you think that I should make the jaw more pronounced? Also, I think that the teeth features, as well as the rest of the jaw will appear better with a texture on them

Quite a character. :ba:

I’ve never done modelling of organic things but, I think ( and maybe warflight is refering to this ), you should be like Leonardo da Vinci and have a good understanding of the bone structure first, then even an idea of how the muscles would lie, that way the model will look more real/life like ( if thats what you want ).

Has he spotted something to eat, seems to be licking his lips?