Dragon head

My second model :stuck_out_tongue:
feel free to critisize.

And the .blend

My first model

that looks pretty cool

you could make variants of it though

maybe stick it in the game engine

looks pretty cool. Does look a bit incomplete but if you say so i can’t argue.

Cool modelling. Looks really good. Especially the composition with the green bar in the background.
My only crit is the texturing. The brown version of the head looks just like a cloud texture applied to the color channel. The picture would look better if there were a more interesting texure.

But all in all I don´t think that you did it with Blender 3.40 if you´re no visitor from the future. :wink:

Trichter, :smiley: , you beat me to it!

I was going to say, this guy is have versions more newer than the Blender Foundation :o

Nice dragon head though, maybe turning down the spec a bit. Looks like a plastic mask.