Dragon Head

A model I sculpted in Zbrush almost two years ago. I decided to bring it into Blender and clean it up a lot. Go ahead and have fun with it, if I feel like it I might rig it and separate the teeth from the mouth so it will look better. Those crappy Eyes are just space holders.

Click Image to download the .blend
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I’d love to have that Dragon use its teeth on me.

Nice start, but hey, you’d expect to see this forum’s only active Dragon post in a Dragon thread:D

LOL, I thought you would first to post. Thanks:D


Anyway, definatly a nice one. It’s one of the friendlier ones around; the quasi-equine (if I have any clue) upper snout parts might help that.


Thankyou. The quasi-equine effect was unintended. I had just finished modeling the head of my horse model and apparently that must have crossed over into this, But I liked the effect it gave so I stuck with it:cool:

it’s a goat that wants to be a dragon…:slight_smile: but still better than I could do. good start.

Edit: Yes, Star, we all be Dragons underneath. I got tired of being an architectural rendering, and became a Dragon of my own free will…or maybe I just accepted my true destiny. The gears grind on…

Papasmurf is a golden chinese dragon now.

My world is askew.

For a moment I also thought there was some sort of meshing gears thing going on, but it’s an illusion.


Back to reality.

I still like the image. Part of the horseyness might also be that color.

Papasmurf may consider himself a Dragon now but is he truly an Otherkin Dragon (one who has a Dragon soul)?:wink:

I am truly one for example, but you already know that.