dragon head

i made another dragon but slightly more agressive like.
i need some comment’s ( i think there is something wrong with his teeth, but i don’ t realy know what it is)
it’s realy hard to rate your own work; i have noticed (thank god for this forum)


Perhaps the teeth need to have better modeling and being seperate meshes?

Nice work so far, I could really see that Dragon licking me with his forked tongue before chomping up and down on me:D

The back teeth look more “tooth-like” than the teeth in front, which seem more like extrusions from the gum/jaw. However you modeled the back teeth, do that for all of them.

The problem is that teeth grow out of the gums. In your case they simply extend from the mesh as spikes. Make a tooth model and duplicate it over the gums. Then things look better. Also gums go all around the teeth since they “hold” the teeth in the mouth.
( btw CD… why had nobody the idea yet to eat you <.=.< :smiley: )

Nice looking dragon :smiley:

It looks like the teeth are part of the skin around the dragon’s face. Perhaps make them look like they stick out of the gums rather than carry straight on from the skin around the bottom of the face. There should be a line of division defining the boundary where the teeth emerge from the gums.

I seem to be having trouble explaining myself right now… Hope you get where I’m going :wink:

thank’s for the comments so far
here’s a new pic, I changed the hornes a bit too but i don’t realy like it. (i think i’ll change them again)


Hmmm, a lot of dragons are here now. I have a feeling, that a dragon is somehow connected with Christmas…

It look really good, really nasty creature. I think the horns are fine, maybe a slight twist would improve them a bit. I hope that you’ll continue and make the whole beast, this one deserves it.

But one think bothers me. The eye placement. Why do the dragons have the eyes on the side of head? I thought that usually herbivores and animals that are usually prey of of the others have that eye placement to see what’s happening around. It serves them well, because they can see a predator coming even from behind. Predators, on the other hand have eyes in front of head to be able to focus on the prey while hunting. This helps better distance measuring, which is essential to be successful in hunt. Sure this rule cannot be applied on every species known (like sharks), but it seems to be a good rule when creating something that doesn’t exist. I always thought that dragons hunt for something, not only chew grass…

The teeth look a bit better, keep it up and can’t wait till its all textured and really looks like it will eat you.:slight_smile:

Rather simple in fact. Dragons are animals made for flight and most flying animals have their eyes on the side of the head. Furthermore true dragons are not predators so your view there applies too.

Good points, for orientation in space (like fish, or most of birds) are the eyes on sides better. But still there are some (like eagles on other) that doesn’t follow this. But if dragons aren’t predators, then fine, I thought so until now.

The orientation is the most strong point in fact. I tried it out in my game where I allowed the player to see the word in dual-view ( two separate cameras turned sidewards ). Overview is a lot better and surprises are rather unlikely. Very well for rather shy animals with staying-hidden in mind :smiley:

thanks for discussing this matter:cool:
in the mean while ive been working on a hand for the creature
is this good or to human like or something:confused:


i’m not sure of witch horn to use could you guy’s help me out ?:frowning: (if you have any other idea’s, tell me eh)


It depends on what you want kind of creature you want to do. If it is meant to walk uprect ( not a real dragon but often done in games to overcome engine limitations ) you can use more humanoid hands. Also if you want to make it more human ( because the character is intended to be more protagonist and to draw him closer to the watcher ) then this works.

If you tend though to have a full quadripad then this is a problem. In this case he has to stand on the feet and the position of the thumb is in the way. Have a look at this one here. The thumb simply splits off the main hand. Imagine what happens if you go tip-toe. The thumb can spread of 60° and go tip-toe like the other fingers. In the case of a humanoid hand this doesn’t work.

It hence depends on where you want to go.

witch one is better?
the long neck or the short one?


Shorter always. The longer the neck the heavier the head is to move ( inertia problem ).

I’d say a short to medium length neck, Dragons typically have slightly longer necks then a human at the least.

It depends on what you want kind of creature you want to do. If it is meant to walk uprect ( not a real dragon but often done in games to overcome engine limitations )

You mean upright? I believe some Dragons were able to walk on two legs, and you can’t claim to be the world’s most foremost expert on Dragons, I could tell you the reason but you would go ballistic since it deals with the true forms of us otherkin Dragons.

To say it short: Otherkins belief they know about dragons ( because they claim to be one: a false claim but to understand this it takes a bit a longer explanation ) but in the end it’s just their imagination/delusion ( and imagination/delusion is never reality in this matter ). Scientific minded people though have a basis for their assumptions/thoeries ( see the difference? “assumptions/theories” not “i know and you are all wrong 'cause I’m otherkin” ) and therefore it is a much more valuable ( and discussable ) opinion than pure delusional thinking.

I’ve unwraped the whole thing.
wat you guy’s think?


This unwrap calls for troubles unless you want to do procedural texturing. More seems!