Dragon head

I decided to experiment with patch modeling, and this is what I came up with. How does it look so far? Any suggestions on how to improve it?


Wowsers - that is awesome. Please keep us posted on your updates!

What’s with the head, he looks like one of those cartoon mad scientists who have a huge or tall head.

You should also have the horns as part of the model as in its faces mesh into the head geometry.

Anyway, I don’t think his head shape will work, the extreme L-shape just isn’t natural.

The muzzle could use a little rounding at the front too.

He’s a mad dragon boy who wants to become a firefighter when he grows up. :wink:

Will, I’m planning to convert the horns to a mesh and then merge them. As for the L shape you mentioned, what sort of shape should I aim for?

Something more natural for an organic creature, I’d say the head should curve up at the base of the muzzle, but only just fall short of curving to 90 degrees and curve back over in a round form going into the neck. You can always add ridges too. For the eyes don’t recess the sockets into the head too much.

Okay, how does this look?


Okay, this is the answer you wanted.
A dragons head is the same shape as
the HORSES head only it has rabbit like
ear’s snake like eyes and dogs teeth
and to top it all off it looks nothing like
the human being…So do a remodel
low poly …look at some dragon books
at the library on the net images etc
study the dragon a bit more and you ll
find your dragon will transform…into
what you imagined it to be from the start…


It’s a good start but I think where it loses the dragon look is the eye placement. In lizards the eyes are more placed on the side of the head and this is has more of dog look to it. I would try to get inspiration from a crocodile or an alligator if I were doing it and go from there.

If you want a stylized cartoonish dragon head, what you’ve got is great. However, if you want a more realistic looking scare-the-pants-off-you dragon head I would say to streamline the head more, meaning that liek someone alse said dragons are usually portrayed having something of a horse-like head, but stockier, shorter. the eye sockets are fine recessed like that, however you should tilt the sockets back and bring the top of the snout and the corners of the mouth all up somewhat and angle the eyes more to the sides. For a realistic dragon the part of the sbout that you have just below the eyes should go almost straight into the top of the skull. That also makes it less “L” shaped and more triangular.

 Good work!