Dragon in progress

Hello all, days ago I wanted to improve my skills with blender and so I decided to model a dragon… here is the model I’m working on (very high count poly, blender internal as renderer). I’m still working on it and want to rigg it too. Do you think this is possible and do you know good tutos ?
Eventual C&C on the attached file will be appreciated.


I really wouldn’t call it a dragon, looks awesome though…looks like something from doom or quake, very nice…i hate rigging, so i can’t help you there…only crit i have is how the back of the creature bows, it looks unnatural, maybe it’s just the pose…very nice so far, i like the head the most…and the things coming out of its back…

Thank you, i didn’t intend to make a quake-like monster but… hey… we have some unconscious references :wink: As for the back, I think it’s the pose or the exagerated curving of its abdomen. I’m still looking for a good rigging tuto : maybe pose modification will help.

yeah, looks good so far, keep working on it ;D

This page on Blender3d’s site has this video on animation. Many other really helpful videos there as well. Hope this helps!

Ya looks straight out of doom, good work. It will probably be hard to rig if you modelled it in that pose :frowning:

Woo… Freakiest model I’ve ever seen on these forums… Nice job, definitely doesn’t look like a dragon but still… Incredible

Looks awesome. It does look kind of dragon-like, if one imagines the wings completed. Are you planning on keeping it kind of “skinned” or doing scales?

Thank you for the link, I’ll look at it.

hmmm well, yes I did it… and I think you are right Anthony. Maybe I can take parts of my work and rebuild it in order to rig… :confused:

I don’t know at the moment, I first intended to do a gargoyle with small wings but with the kinf of body I’ve made, maybe big skinned dragon’s wings would be best…

I like the face a lot but I dont think I can give the body a review until I see it complete, it is definitely good though.

Are you going to give him a tail (or bigger one) because it might help it look dragon-ny

When you compare that to most pictures of dragons both classical and oriental it doesn’t really have much resemblence. One thing is the short tail and the really thick and ruffled neck.

There’s already a tail but the pose and angle hide it… I’m still working on it and will post a new pic soon with another angle :slight_smile:

Yes that’s right, I think it’s more like a living gargoyle :stuck_out_tongue: (I started the work with a gargoyle’s head and then I continued with a body…).
Thanks for the comment.:slight_smile:

I’ve just added wings (same texture as the body at the moment but this will change) and flipped the tail in order to show that there is a tail :D.
What do you think of it ?