Dragon Incense Animation

I’ve been working (long!) on a 3d scan i did of an incense burner. This Incense burner consists of 4 different parts, which were thus separately scanned. Because it’s a highly reflective object the surface of the mesh was a horror, check the images below. After sculpting the high poly meshes, i baked the individual models to a total of 90K faces (triangles).

I wanted to do something extra and make a nice animation of it. It took a while before i got the smoke effect i wanted, like with all physics modifiers it takes a while before you understand what you’re doing:) (… right?)

Would like to hear some feedback (lighting, camera/directing, etc.)!

edit 1: oh yeah, the soundtrack comes from my friend Bergen, you can find some of his stuff on soundcloud: Bergen Soundcloud. This track is from 18 years ago i think, when we were still boys playing around with Reason, Fruity Loops etc. (Fasttracker 2 anyone? :)).

Link to animation -->> [https://hane3d.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Dragon_Incense_v2.20001-1200.mp4) <<—

Sketchfab Link!

DragonIncense_Complete.jpg1920x1080 600 KB

DragonInc_Complete_Smoke.jpg1920x1080 419 KB

Freetime killing mesh horror:

DragonOrig_Sculpt.PNG.jpg1336x1179 431 KB

DragonOrig_Sculpt2.PNG.jpg1622x1157 746 KB