Dragon King sculpt

I am working on a character from one of mys stories, and he happens to be slightly reptilian and referred to as the ‘Dragon King’, a misinterpretation of his real name of Dur’a Keen.

Anyway, dyntopo sculpt with a little bool tool to clear away the mouth area so I could sculpt teeth, and then started using harops to get the helmet started. I know I need to retopo the guy later on, but I just don’t see myself doing that immediately because I get too amped up to see the rest of it come about.


Updates on this one

Impresive! Are you planing to add some Scattering to the alien? It seams metallic or a not organic material.

Yes, I do - I need to retopo the dragon head and get some workable mesh going in there, as I want to paint textures very badly. As a painter, I tend to want to work on all areas to block them out, and then go back and forth refining them. I want to work up the whole body and get the pose in, and the get a good character mesh worked out. Also have in mind to rework the ship to get more detail inside as well, and ditch the extra subsurfaces I don’t need in favor of getting more booltool/hardops going on.

Thanks for the compliment, I hope you like the updates when they come :smiley:

Ou yeah! I have seen now what you are capable of! This is going to be epic!

Thanks! I got the latest version of Retopo tools, so I will see if I can quickly get the base mesh worked out and painted for the head. I am eager to separate the teeth and get something going that looks more organic around his mouth.

I am separating all the parts into files to link into the main shot, and in each I will link what I need back for reference so that I can edit to fit - keeping them in the same group names, it should update once reopening the main shot. Nice thing is that on linux it is easier to open multiple sessions of blender, but on OSX at work I find I get stuck with one at a time :smiley:

Working on retopo, trying out both manual magnetic placement of mesh as well as using the Retopoflow addon that I have - and it is fun to compare and contrast the two methods. I think I will block out as much with retopoflow and then manually splice them together, adding in as much of the detail as I can.


I find that doing retopo with shrikwrape modifier, is the best approach for me you just forget about everything that is not punting vertices. and I use the Bsurface tool, that came with blender. Still I’m not very good, but it is the best I test so fare.

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Looks great so far! Look forward to seeing more progress!

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