Dragon Lord's HL2 export script

I’m trying to find Dragon Lord’s HL2 export script, and trying to figure out if it works with 2.48a. I don’t know if he uses the same handle here or not any help would be appreciated!

That reminds me;

I wrote an SMD exporter for 2.47 that I didn’t get around to testing with Windows and Valve tools - it workedfine for DarkPlaces on a Mac.

Might be necessary to clean up and / or correct Mac assumptions. I’ll have some time later. Would you help me test it if that’s the case?

I would love to. I have a plan for a Warhammer 40,000 Mod for the source engine and the handicapped version of XSI just isn’t going to cut it for the modeling.

Finally got around to cleaning it up.

It’s here.

Instructions included. It’s not the most user friendly script, and not the most cleanly coded. To run it, open it in a text window in Blender, and hit alt-p. It will export geometry that has texture applied via the image editor, and animation that’s on the timeline.

My main worries are HL2 compatibility (not thoroughly tested) and OS compatibility (the file output works on Mac).

I have HL2 but don’t have the HD space on my Windows partition for the dev kit. I’ve tested with LordHavoc’s DarkPlaces tools, and some time ago with the HL2 modelviewer. The output looks like legit SMD files.

Could you try it with a simple test model + animation of some sort? If you get any bugs, please post them.

Yah I’ll use a simple model tomorrow and see if it works on my windows machine. I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow night. Thanks for your help man.