Dragon Man Game Model

A model I’ve been working on for a few days. I’m texturing it right now. Just goofing around with some concept art I found on the web. I’m grateful for the concept art, I can’t draw to save my life. I’ve found Ben Mathis’ tutorials found at http://www.poopinmymouth.com very helpful. I might get around to rigging him and posing him for fun. If you have any suggestions, let me know.










Trogdor was a man
I mean, he was a dragon man
Er, maybe he was just a dragon
But he was still TROGDOR!

Burninating the countryside
Burninating the peasants
Burninating all the peoples
In their thatched roof COTTAGES!

Heh, good job, man. Can’t wait to see the dragon man when he’s finished. And if he burninates the countryside, well… that would be awesome!

not bad. definitly a dragonized human looking ok compared to what is around otherwise. still some troubles with stretched quads there at his hips. try to avoid such stretched faces as they will punish you when animating that guy.

this gonna be an NPC or PC?

Tomator-thanks for the song. I went back to homestarrunner.com to watch that again. I love that site. I feel inspired to rig him and have him burninate the peasants (plus I just downloaded the song),

Odjin-Thanks for the crit. I’m not too familiar with the troubles of animating meshes, but I will definitly look for problems from those polys and fix them.



nice, but those poor, poor, truly wretched dial up users :frowning: you should post links.

Now with smaller pictures. Quick texture done. I think I need to redo the seams and re-UV the mesh. The live LSCM should help.




How do you got your UV Map, did you the LSCM function or something else ?

I got my UV map by breaking my model down into sections, then uwrapping each section with LSCM. I think I need to use bigger sections (combine arms with torso). The hands I unwrapped using the “from screen” option, then I manually edited the UV’s. I’m not happy with the results, and I think I’ll try again later.



nah, i would not do this for a simple reason. if you unwrap say arms together with torso you can waste a lot of space. you have to try out but my experience is that smaller parts unwrapped can be fit more tighter into a texture. and still today you should make sure your game textures are the smallest you can afford as many advanced 3d effects suck away graphic card memory already like hell (and if you want good lighting you end up with diffuse-map, normal-map, specular-map, alpha-map to get it done)