Dragón MAN

Dragón MAN

Work inspired by the concept of Brazilian illustrator Ed Anderson
We are fans of his work and his talent
It is well worth knowing more about his work at http://andersonedsilva.deviantart.com/gallery/
Thank you very much Ed, for your artistic contribution to this project.

Client: Aracanga
Conceptual art: Ed Anderson - [email protected]
Digital Sculpture, 3D Illustration and Creative Retouch André Gama
Date: May 2017

Blender + Photoshop

An unusual concept there, is the guy being absorbed by the Dragon or does the Dragon really have a human head in his chest?

The puppy is a nice touch, he looks a little confused as to what he is seeing.

Here I leave you the concept art of the Brazilian illustrator, Ed Anderson, on which I was inspiredHe is a man disguised as a DragonNothing more than an exercise of sculpture and blender


I love the cncept! And the execution is great too!

Dud nice work, I like the cooco barny dragon, great idea