dragon mech (that's right, i'm baaaaack!)

(stukkm) #1

thought you could escape me? bwahahaa… well anyway, remember that i realized i’m a stinking moron for spending all this time trying to make the dragon like smaug and having all that extra scene junk (not to mention lighting that i felt was junk). so here’s my redone dragon mech, i hope i’ll have enough time to finish…


i still think there needs to be at least some kinda scene but i don’t want to get carried away like last time. any suggestions on that?

also, what do you guys think of the wings? i had to make due with multiple textured lamps for a glow like look to them since the plugin won’t work. i tried a bunch of halos but they looked absolutely terrible

(Idgas) #2

I think it looks alot better this way. The other was too dark. Awsome wings too i like it alot. 8)

(stukkm) #3

thanks alot for the input idgas, i agree the lighting sucked incredibly on the other one. in fact, the blend file for this is called “dragonmech_lightingthathopefullydoesntsuck.blend”
anyways, what can i make in terms of a scene? i don’t really want to make much but i know i can’t just have the dragon against a blue sky.

(Ecks) #4

it would be cool if you can put it in front of a castle or only in front of a Donjon tower…

(stukkm) #5

castle… hmm… that might be pushing it abit but i’ll think about it. and Donjon tower? forgive my ignorance (oh… i just remembered i have to write 1.5 pages on ignorance for english due on friday…), but what is this?

(Ecks) #6

sorry it might be a wrong translation from french to english…it is the biggest tower in a castle…in medieval epoch the royal family were living there…but after some time those tower were use to put prisonner in and torture them…I hope you understand!

(rogerm3d) #7

Looks way better than your old one
Maybe thats just because the lighting is better. :wink:
The wings are cool but where are the controls for them? :o :o

(stukkm) #8

controls? uh… i’ll be right back…


oh! x-warrior, do you mean to say dungeon?

(locash) #9

No, x-warrior really meant donjon. This link will take you to a history of english castles. On the second page is a mention of “donjon”. It is the french word for what the english would call the “great tower” of a keep. Ironically, it is also the origin of the english word dungeon.


(byren) #10

I never got to see the first but I like it…great work!!

Maybe add some more mechanics to the spine, make em look like they all can be retracted.


(Smerity) #11

This is turning out to be one mighty fine dragon! Just a quick thing…

The arms look a little too small with the general proportions, maybe u could just scale them up a bit?

Overall, absolutely kewl dragon.