Dragon Model requires a great texturer

Hi guys , i have been working on a dragon model in blender , its my first model i have ever done. I have tried texturing it but to no avail, cannot seem to grasp it, tried uv unwraping etc and get the unwrap but seem to be messing up somwhere as it doesent uv unwrap well.

I would be greatly appreciative of anyone giving it the texture it so needs. You would have my appreciation and are more then welcome to keep a copy of my model if you so wish.


Adam [ATTACH]215250[/ATTACH]

Your model has issues

Ha ha cheers mate , well it is my first so it’s bound to have a few , could you elaborate ?

Adama, I’ll give it my best shot.

Hey swaschan , thank you ever so much dude , that be awsome if you could :yes:

Check my PM please.

hehe, made me lol to.
the model look nice in my opinion, but I think it might have problems with unwrap if you dont set your seams properly. but I dont really know, I´m a noob to.

lol cheers Cramer , anyone else feel free to give it a go.



I second this.

first you give a mirror model. apply the modifier and cleanup.
second and this is a huge second. your model is not manifold. that’s why your subD is acting up.
google non-manifold modeling, and take a look at your wing. then take a look at the dragon from durian and post a fix otherwise not worth much of anyone’s time.
and that was just a two minute glance at your model, only because of quote above.
if this was pre bmesh you wouldn’t have been allowed to make this dragon.

CORRECTION: i see you titled it as game model now. problem is when i open the file I see it subD surface, games dont do subD. but they do non-manifold maybe. so second and this is a big second why are your spike floating in the body?

Addition: and your normals are going every which way.

Cheers mate , well id guessed there would be problems as it was my first model, will correct this and google manifold, I didnt know you couldent use subsurf for game models , thank you for the reply.



Gonna mark this as solved , due to remodeling the dragon. :smiley: