dragon mother

Hello :slight_smile:

A project for university - we had to make a scene in blender that contains transparency, sss and reflections.
So… I made a dragon. Because that is what I know XD

Texturing is kinda sloppy and I had no time to sculpt a bumpmap… Also, this is my first serious attempt at grass ^^
Full resolution is here: http://sta.sh/0cuxzd7ip4i

c&c welcome :slight_smile:
LG, dragon

Looks a bit hastily put together, but I guess you needed to create something quick due to assignment deadlines (the Dragon doesn’t look bad in that context because they are not easy to model quickly).

Why not put some polish on the scene now that the assignment part is done and see how far you can take it.

Yeah, it is ^^ And I haven’t done many full scenes (with terrain and background and everything) so far, many focused on character modelling.
Sadly I don’t have time at the moment to work further on it, but maybe I will polish it once the term is over :slight_smile: