dragon poject

anonther testrender, i did some tweaking on the shader, put in some variations to the glossy shaders, turned it down a little bit also,

this is how the dragon shader looks like! try and figure out what is what! i would have lost control of it if i rearanged it to better display it here

Why not just create a map, in a similar way to that of a specular map, but for subsurface scattering?
That way the SSS shading would only be applied to the parts you want it to be applied to leaving the rest to have a less washed out look.

Phew, this is practically making me sick with how bad I am at sculpting. :o Terrific job on the modeling and texturing! The lighting is alright, but I would like a little more light overall so I can see all the great detail and such. Particularly around his eye—I always like a slight glow on creature eyes. =)

thanks Owldude, ill take a look into it :slight_smile: didnt think about that Words! i do have that map leftover from working in maya actually,!

Very good i like it :slight_smile:

Awesome work