Dragon poo

Contest! See if you can find a better image of dragon poo!


i worry about you sometimes…


Actually, it would be dragon scat, any decent tracker could tell you that…:slight_smile:

OOH! LOOK another incedent! http://www.justbeef.ca/resources/Steaming.jpg

I still like the original

How about dragon barf? Here is what happens when a dragon eats a priest. As we all know,
you can’t keep a good man down. :slight_smile:



This was from a dragon in human form !

What’s the point of this thread?

As a Dragon I dig Dragon threads but this seems to be nothing more then poking fun at Dragons.

Ya think?:evilgrin:

You know if I was in Dragon form I could start eating a deer while alive and take a picture of me with raw deer flesh in my mouth, I could also say this is what will happen to you if you try to chuck a sword at me.

Your kidding right?

if i chuked a sword at you, it would distract you, and would be only a matter of time…my fleet of ships would be nearby and ready to vapourize you…would be a fun to watch fight. :slight_smile:

I said ‘could say’ not ‘will say’

I do have a Dragon memory where I was eating a deer with my Dragon parents however.

Enough about the dragon thing already.



That’s hard to do
with Dragon Poo…
unless they’re vegetarian! :smiley:

im too scared to even follow those links… >__>

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