Dragon poo

Well, I originally found out about it by seeing it in the gift shop at the San Diego Zoo…

Elephants eat straw and stuff (sorry to be so technical) but they don’t digest very efficiently, so their output is, um, still very high in fiber (which I have seen up close, I’m sorry to say…), and that’s why elephant dung can be made into paper. Which they sell as stationery in the gift shop! :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I don’t support sanity. Its is HIGHLY overrated.

Wow some of you actually believe your a dragon how sad. I do believe i’m dragon poo. If you ate me you would vomite me back up again. Can’t keep a good man down lol.

If they are delusional, it still doesn’t bring any harm to you OR society, so let them live in their delusions.

I pretend to have delusions in real life, but I know I don’t. I once convinced a friend of mine that I beleived that I was abducted by aliens. He didn’t believe me, but he believed that I believed it.

It was rather funny, actually. I eventually told him I was joking, of course.

You see, having a delusion about reality makes reality much more fun and enjoyable. If Cyborg Dragon IS delusional, then it is a good thing for him, and you shouldn’t try to bring him out of it.

However, there is the SLIM chance that he IS a dragon. And in that case, I think this is interesting.

Please read the post I have in the other thread for more details on that last point.


My Draconity wasn’t really outright doubted in the otherkin community, and I’ve found for myself more and more I’m a Dragon.

There is one person who emailed me an experience he had that sealed the fact I’m probably a Dragon, but if I told you you would think he’s crazy.

My grandfather searched for dragons…
But for some reason, he died a young man…