dragon render

this is my wip, doing renders in blender cycles, its sculpted in zbrush, then exported out vector displacement on five uv tiles, together with normal, spec, cavity, and colour maps, for the displacement maps i used five modifiers for each uv tile and assigned the proper verticies to its uv space.
the shader consits of 2 sss shaders with different depth, and a transparent diffuse on top of that, to act as its outer skin layer, 3 glossy shaders where used with different values,

Fantastic work. The close up shot is incredible, nice SSS. I’ll be following this, I would like to see the rest of the body soon.

Great job! The scales look amazing. :slight_smile:

I agree about the scales, very realistic, the same with the membranes.

However, it seems like the teeth at least look a bit too translucent as of now, they don’t seem to look solid. The material for the inner mouth look the same way to an extent as well and also looks a tad dry.

I think some fire coming through the stomach/throat area would be cool. something like this:

Obviously not as intense because he isn’t blowing fire, but maybe a little bit just to add some flavor :wink:

Beautiful! I’ll definitely keep an eye on this thread :slight_smile: