Dragon: Saphira

Morning all.
This dragon (Saphira) is based off of a main character from the book Eragon, and is based off this image from the Eragon book cover.

http://www.peerlessproductions.com/alex/images/cg/Saphira/headwire.jpg http://www.peerlessproductions.com/alex/images/cg/Saphira/front.jpg


Comments and criticism would be greatly appreciated.


I’m not to knowledgeable on what constitutes a good model or not, but that looks cool! Good job! :smiley:

Reminds me of Sebulba in starwars.
Realy nicely done!

The head is great, but the body doesn’t seem to be anatomically correct.

Since there is no real life dragon for you to study, I suggest that you try to study other dragon models (hand drawn as well as 3D). If I recall correctly, there are drawn attempts of a generic western dragon’s anatomy. You may also want to study cats and other feline animals (for the general posture), lizards (the tail), bats and birds (wing and wing joints).

Awesome but the head need’s a bit of work, as well as the body.

dogs are also rather nice for general posture studies (like proportions, leg posture and alike).

currently the head looks more like that main character from disney’s dinosaurs :expressionless: … but that’s not your fault but that of the cover designer :smiley:

It’s good to see someone who likes Eragon and wants to model Saphira, and I think your head looks very good. However, the body, especially when in front and 3D views, does not look so good. It seems almost fat… as has been mentioned before, have a look at dragon pictures. Those drawn for D&D look like a good dragon to me, so have a look at those.

Have you started the textures as I am anxious to see what they will be like.

I’m a fan of that series as well. Paolini is truly an excellent writer.

Check out this site: http://www.sommerland.org/ondragons/biology/western_muscle.html

It has some good pics. I just googled dragon musculature.

i really don’t like this page, sorry, but like many others just honking out crap without a scientific reason for what you say is… bullshit. although at some points he has some small valid points… :lol:

I bought the book a year ago… I have yet to read it (got it for it’s cover :expressionless: ) Nice work so far, you should work on making the body more defined though.

Odjin, what are you going on about? I don’t understand your post at all.

I though about doing the exact same project a while ago after reading the book lol. Only thing is that I decided to make a panorama of carvahall rather than the dragon. (didnt have time for such a model). I really wonder how it is going to turn out. So far so good I say.

Oh, and both books so far have been awesome. For those who do not know
The first book, Eragon, is already being made into a movie. Expect it late 2006 :D. The second tome, Eldest is much thicker and I loved it :D.

i just said the mentione page is rather crappy, that’s all :wink:

With all your respect, I think he got that. But was more wondering WHY you’d think it sucks?

I would like to passively comment on how much I like the face. It looks exactly like Saphira’s face from the book.

I’ll probably be watching this in the background as it unfolds.

Looks nice so far. I’d love to model a dragon, but I’m far too rat-shit for it at the moment.

I have Eragon myself but I haven’t read it. I tend to wait until I have all books before starting to read them. Really quite stupid I know, but I hate finishing half a series and then having to wait a year until the next book only to realise that I have to read the first books all over again before I can continue.

Sometimes I’m really surprised I don’t wash my hands more often.