Dragon Sculpt (Texturing problem)

I’ve been playing with sculpt mode and come out with this, a dragon:

I’m fairly happy with the model but any crits on this are welcome.

My real problem now is how to texture it, I would like to unwrap it and take it into gimp but I’m not quite sure how to do this on a multi-resolution mesh. I can only mark seams on level one and If I set this to too low a level I won’t be able to see enough details to texture, i.e. eyes and where the teeth begin and If I use two high a level my computer will melt.
Any suggestions?
All feedback appreciated.

p.s. I know dragons are a fairly provocative subject on this forum so if we could keep all feedback strictly blender related it would be appreciated.

How many polys do you have on that sob!?!? Instead of having each scale modelled, use a texture. I would remodel him with less detail, if you have to many verts it can be kind of hard to break up into chuncks to unwrap in the UV editor. if you want to get them into gimp, unwrap it into the editor, then click on UVs > Scripts > Save UV Face Layout >then i normally save it as 512 by 512, or you can save it 1024 then click Ok, then save in desired location, edit in Gimp or wut ev.

It’s 344064 polys on full resolution. I did save a version without the scales but it doesn’t have any less polys than this version so I think I’ll keep the scales. I’m trying to unwrap it now but I think I’ll just texture it in blender straight onto the model instead of exporting, that way I can make sure I’m painting in the correct places. I’ll probably then export the image into gimp for the final adjustments.
Thanks for the reply
Updates soon.

you could try going to the prefered resolution then applying the lower levels. theres a button for that.

Sculpty Dragon, as a Dragon I like sculpty Dragons, good work so far:D

Another update:
thanks zenoth I ended up doing what you said and found a compromising resolution then deleted lower levels. And thanks for the comment Cyborg, this wouldn’t be a dragon thread without you popping in at some point;).

Here it is unwrapped with a very rough texture on it:

Thanks for the comments everybody.

The teeth could be more pointy, and the tongue could be seperated from the floor of the mouth. When I was in Dragon form I had sharper teeth than that.

:mad: … if you don’t stop this crap I’m coming over and burn down your house :evilgrin:

A quick update:

There are still some seams to work out and I’ll be adding a specularity map soon.
Thanks for the comments

I’ll help!


This is looking quite good so far, keep it up.