Dragon Skeleton

Here is my model for a Blender Battle I just had. Not getting many comments cuz I was rushed to post and didn’t pay attention to the lighting. So modified his stand and pose a little and gave better lighting. Model is untouched otherwise.

C & C always welcome


gnarly dude could use a bit of an older look and maby model the head different but i dont know what a dragon looks like maby u have %| .

Looks nice start. You might want to recalculate normals from that spine toough, to get rid of that black line. Just select all verts and press CTRL+N

Dude… Black line? I see a ridge, but no normal transition artefacts…

The skull looks like a deformed hockey mask, and not very bony at all. This has a little to with the lack of texturing, but also you haven’t got any soft tissue cavities, etc.

I think it looks like the skeleton of a baby dragon… wings and feet I__ think are very good, but the rest seems a bit too round and dough-y… it ought to look kind of rough and worn, as if it’s actually been inside an animal’s body for some time.

Grimreaper - Thanks, I will be remodeling the skull soon. Taper the snout a little more and pull in the cheeks.

Hippie - All norms are calced right, its a shadow. Kinda wierd I should fix the lighting a little more.

fudje - Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll add those soft tissue cavities and form the skull a little more. Not sure if I’m gonna texture, I dont really need anymore now except as a reference for body shape of the skinned version.

I_ - Your awesome for noticing it was only a child dragon (doesn’t have full set of horns on the skull) And I think if I added textures it would fix the brand new look to it but thanks again.

Oooo. Neat. I like it. Maybe pay a bit more attention to lighting and mat/tex, but the modeling looks great. I’d like to see a different set of camera angles as well, but I like it a lot.

As per request more pics and I worked on the skull a little more, still not completely satisfied with it, shoulder blades need some work too.




The head makes it look like a baby dragon, for some odd reason. Other than that, I absolutely love that spine!

This is just me, but wouldn’t thickker bones be apropriate to accomodate something that large?

Looks pretty good though, the joints and stuff are well contructed.

plexersheep- thanks thats the look I’m kinda going for :wink:

Frostbyte- Kinda depends on what type of bone, this creature flies therefore the bones need to be slender or hollow. If using the theory of the larger bones with them being hollow would work, but I was thinking of the finished project (working on it now) which is gonna be very slim and almost birdlike so I had the tendency to draw the thinner bones. Thanks very much for the joints, research took the most time in figuring out what type of joints go where, glad to hear it paid off.