Dragon sketches

I’ve bean drawing lots of dragons lately so i decided to start a thread here. I’ll post one sketch a day and see how long I can keep up with it.
The two first:

Todays sketch:

Probably the last with scales (they takes soooo loooong time to draw)

Jaw looks weird on the new one,
you could do scales in photoshop/gimp with brushes, if you draw the outline, scan it in, paint it in
lets see more then just a head though
good luck with making one everyday, we’ll see how long you go for =P

they all look very similar, lets see some variation, get creative

They are all much too alike as Brados says.Besides there are tons of variations of dragons, an armored dragon, a beast-like dragon, a snake-like dragon, one made of shadows, one with feathered wings, or even one that simply has an under-bite instead of an over-bite. Also the perspective of the eye is weird on that last one, it looks like it is looking forward but the pupil is facing towards us. It wouldn’t look out of place if its mouth was closed, which indicates it sees something and is staying silent to observe.

When I used to hand draw dragons I remember pulling their jaw back pretty far, giving them a large mouth opening area. I think that your dragon looks like a young one. Give it maturity by stretching out the snout a little :smiley: (kind of like the difference between a calf and a full grown cow in the jaw setup)

Here’s an attempt at what I’m saying:


I figured out that I can not use the feedback I get when I am only posting old sketches so I’ll post the ones that are left now and start drawing new ones tomorrow.

I apologize for not responding, I’ve been busy with other projects. Well better late than never.

I’ll try that some day.

They look similar because they are the same dragon. My reason for that is to practice drawing (this is indeed the first time I draw dragons) as well as developing a bit of style. Variations will certainly be present in the future.

As said before it’s the first time I draw dragons. And I need more practice in drawing eyes.

The short snout is a part of my style (currently under heavy development) and will probably not change.

Todays sketch
with Dee style folding:


A bit late due to some unfortunate events.

This time its a copy of This:

Replies anyone? I’m not sure I can keep this up when no one says anything.

If you need comments to continue your thread then throw in the towel.
People comment to say they like it, good job, keep going with it. Or give criticism if it looks like your not growing in your skills, or withold critcisim because they think your not going to take it/ or it’s been said already.
Your drawings still look similiar, Good luck

Seriously, not much has changed, you are still sticking to drawing the classic European style of dragon, but this time you added spines and such. And yeah what cire said. Basically if you want this to keep on going, mix things up, all of the comment filled traditional art thread has the artists continuously experimenting, using different styles or each of their drawings are signifigently different from one to the other. Progress and Variety are the things that keep a thread continuously praised or critiqued upon.

Maybe sketching is not my thing. I feel like my creativity is consuming it self on the constrains of the paper. I want to draw everything but it gets lost in the transformation to the paper. How am I supposed to draw flames in gray and white?

well the dragons are coming along nicely, but too be honest i think your attitude isnt right.
the black and white isnt the problem but you; and try not too take it harshly.

what i mean is:
here is a picture by http://drakhenliche.deviantart.com/art/Charcoal-Dragon-56984076
it has fire and looks very detialed and nice, realistic shading if such were possible for a dragon, and yet only black and white.

try getting the basics of drawing down to a fine art; reproducing photos exactly allows you a better idea :slight_smile:

good luck :slight_smile:

Hey Cent, i think you are headed in the right direction, and i can see improvement in your work. I kind of agree with charliemcf that your dragons right now don’t have much attitude to them, and i think that just come with practice. Depending on where you are going with it either a mean massive dragon, nimble cutesie dragon, or an eligant dragon, each will have a different attitude and feel to them. And like i said i think that just comes with more practice. These actually look a lot like the dragons i used to do in high school, as i learned more about anatomy my dragons got better. So definitely keep working on them, the last one you posted is definitely an improvement. And it might help a lot to trace some of your favorite dragons, it will help to better understand the anatomy and how other artists construct their dragons. My favorite dragons are from Todd Lockwood. Keep up the good work!