Dragon Slayer

New version:

Original version:

This is a portrait of my daughter. It’s part of a larger project we started last year and hope to finish by this summer. She provided the design for the dragon tattoo.

Blender 2.73

Very nice!

really really amazing. Perhaps the hair could be a tiny bit improved, but really, nice work!

I like this! Well done!

really nice work, a tattoo right there would probably hurt like crazy though. Also, looks like paint and not a tattoo (to be pedantic) because it’s on the surface of the skin and not right below the skin.

Great job! I agree with @Kemmler, the tattoo looks more like paint. If you are using SSS, you could include the tattoo in the dermal and epidermal layers. I still really like it though! :slight_smile:

Course it’s paint… getting a tattoo there would hurt like crazy! :smiley:

Woah i love this stuff.
Do you know the shirt, is that a diamond vector ? and did you texture paint it.
I`m really interested in learning and any tips would help, keep up the amazing work.

Wow, one of the best portraits I’ve seen done in Blender. Top row for sure.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

@swmo – Thanks, much appreciated!

@maseratzi – I used the same weave texture to make both the diamond pattern for the shirt and the nylon pattern for the straps. It turned out as a diamond on the shirt because of the rotation of the UV map. I also used a very aggressive Color Ramp node to up the contrast of the image texture. I attached two textures I made for this image, one for the weave pattern and the other is an overlock stitch. Feel free to use them if you like.


Hi Richard

Really excellent, congrats. have a look at the creases in the neck they are IMO a bit overcooked and distracting, otherwise fantastic.


Thank you richard, thank you for the help

Lovely work! Good luck with your project. :slight_smile:

Looks really cool! Is the final project an animation? I would love to see some acting :smiley:

Sorry julperado, I only have stills planned at the moment. :slight_smile:

Based on the feedback here, and some encouragement from Kent Trammel, I took some time to try to improve the skin shader and hair. I wasn’t as aggressive with the post processing – went for a more natural look. (I’ll update my first post with the new render, and keep the old for comparison.)

Looks very realistic. But I would take some more effort on the face paint. With face paint it is very hard to get such a consistent opacity. You would rather have it a bit thicker in some places, and thinner in others. Also, I think the eyebrows would look abit different with face paint applied over it. For reference, looking for “face paint tribal” will give some nice refpics

This should goes directly to the Gallery!!! 5*stars!!!

That is a really impressive render. Any chance of a tutorial on the hair simulation and the skin texture?

very good one here.

Some points to improve but I like her!

Outstanding work so far. 3 thumbs up for me.