Dragon stew

Just a little story…

http://www.dkamagazine.com/Published/242_DragonStew/242_DragonStew.html :slight_smile:

Interesting . . .

I’m not going to read that.

I don’t like the idea of dragon stew. My mom says dragons are for smiting. It’s an archangels job. Plus, I hear the meat is too chewy.:spin:

Pixelmass do you have to do this every now in then?

You just have a major problem with Dragons, I hear you would taste great with noodles. Can’t wait, regain my Dragon form and then sink my teeth into you.

I don’t get humanity’s obcession with slaying Dragons.

Well the story did have a nice ending…sorta.
And it does pose some interesting answers to a rather curious personality.
I knew you would like it.


I don’t get humanity’s obcession with slaying Dragons.

Perhaps it has to do with them wanting to sink their teeth into human flesh?

You could try this as an alternative to chewing and licking.

Ummm… case in point?

lol, that story was pretty cool. I had an idea for something like that I wanted to make into a game, but It involves Asian girls and hard-core sex. I joke of course.

Haha, to true…