Dragon Sword

(Bapsis) #1

Hey all,

Just thought i’d post my latest WIP, still a wayz to go yet before its perfected.


Only thing left to model is an eye in the hilt of the sword where the hole is, there im going to be adding a dragon eye, with an elongated pupil like a cats eye. After that its just to texture, and possibly model the sheild in the same style i sketched to go with it in a outdoors sceen.



Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #2

WOW!! :o

Very cool looking model! I love it. Get this textured up.


(JoOngle) #3


I think it’s pretty good!
Is the sword-handle supposed to be that long? I’ve had a sword
before and it didnt appear THAT long…but then again there
are different swords.


(S68) #4


blade is really nice, and handle too, lenght is right if it is a two-handed sword :wink:

I don’t like the hilt as much as the rest.

Shape is fine, very Conan-ish, but it is the rising bevel at the border which is out of style IMHO.

Medioeval-like hilts were more ‘crude’ cast in softer metals than the blade, hammered to shape, if precius they were made by silver/gold-smith and, again were encrusted with gems like


One of the coolest museums here :wink: very small photo sadly…

The kind of the design you chose makes your sword look, without meaning to be offensive, a toy.

Keep it up


(Jolly Gnome) #5

Looks othervise good, but the crossguards make it look like a toy. It is way too big.

(Bapsis) #6

Hey all,

Thanks for the comments… I made the guard a tad bit smaller, tho i kept the handle length as it was the intended length as its a large brute double fist’er. Definatly the kind Conan and the like would use, tho i belive its from all the Diablo 2 iv been playing again recently.

Well, this is my first real attemt at crome’ish metal, i think it looks best on the dragons head, and not so hot on the guard and blade. I dunno, was just a quick fun project, doubt it will even ever be used for anything. Any tips on the texturing?



Blend on, and blend well!!!

(LohnS) #7

wheeeee, very cool!

(blengine) #8

aww nice! theres somehting about the blade, doesnt look sharp mabe, hmm… awesome handle

(S68) #9

Cool :slight_smile:

Maybe it is too lightcolour for being chrome, There’s an excellent tutorial by BgDM (see the List of Tuts in the Q&A forum) on how to make good chrome (Sorry rixt66, your chrome is great too but I don’t know a tut by you :wink: )

It involves a lot of tweaking, not just an envmap

Keep it up


P.S. In Conan’s times it was not common practice to give a sword a Crome-plate finish :stuck_out_tongue: Your sword should look, at best, like polished steel, which is greyer and much less reflective than chrome…

(Alltaken) #10

personaly i like it about that shiny but if you want it really shinny use an environment map like in the tutorial and then overlay that with other textures and colours so that you get what ypu want.

envirnment maps are real cool if you want to get multiple angles of renderings as the reflection is different from every side

also i feel the wing type thingys are a bit big and/or out of style with the rest of it.

nice sword

(pofo) #11

Nice :slight_smile:
Makes me want to model another sword.

I tink hilt looks like it don’t quite fit somehow.

  1. pofo

(rwv01) #12

Cool, I like the style of the head!
I was wondering what ever happened to this project.
Looks really good so far!

(Bapsis) #13

Hey all,
Thanks for the comments, even tho no one seemed to like the dragon wing guard. I may get around to adding a different one eventually. As for whats been happening with this project, to be honest not much, well acctually nothing at all hehe. :wink:
I guess iv been spending too much of my computer time in Diablo 2, and neglecting my 3D studies. But i swear the whole time iv been playing iv been imagining making a simmilar game, if possible, in Blender. :o)
Anywayz, thanks for the interest. I may post more swords in the future as its something i like to model, a few years back i even carved a couple of original designs out of wood.
Again, thanks for the comments and interest!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!