Dragon textures

Hi everyone
This is a picture of a dragon i am creating, i would like to get the dragon as a whole looking more photo realistic, does anyone have any idea of how i can acheieve this with this model?

Ok sorry
Here is a better lit sceen, the wing textures are unfinished as you can see near the base of them.


Let me be the first to say : better lighting! Dark and dramatic are 2 different things. I found this online somewhere - good lighting, nice model. Just my thoughts. We can’t see most of yours to give much of an opinion.


Hi there
Here is a picture with better lighting, i really need help with making this appear more real. Also does anyone have any ideas for how i can create and rig wing membranes?


Super-basics of texturing:

  1. You’ll need three maps at the least: color, bump and specularity. You already have color and bump, but a spec map is key.
  2. You need the appropriate scale of detail for the size of your model. Clearly the texture is too “big” for how large the dragon is supposed to be. Those gaps between scales are probably several inches across if this were real.
  3. Reduce the saturation of your color map. It’s not too bad, but it still looks a little hot.

Once you get the scale right (#2), you’ll need to add more “use” details. Real stuff, including skin and scales, wears as it gets used. It makes duller and shinier areas. It might, for example, be lighter near the armpits as those areas won’t even see sunlight. Also, decide: is this lumpy skin or scales? Right now, the texture looks like lumped or plated skin. Scales overlap.

Finally, do all of this in the proper lighting. Figure out how you’re going to light the final scene and use that for your test renders. There’s little worse than spending a couple of days fighting with materials and textures to get them to look just right, then having the lighting change and everything look like crap. Remember: lighting for materials.

you also have a plug in in 2.49 for scales which might be usefull if you need this effect