Dragon Texturing

I’ve been working on a dragon for a while now. It is my first full model like this that I made all by myself so the mesh is quite messy but I’m still trying to get it textured, rigged and animated to get some experience, but I ran into some trouble with the texturing. Following some general instructions on an online tutorial I made the seams and unwrapped it on an UV test grid, and as you can see in the pictures below the squares are not nearly all the same size. I’m pretty new to the texturing so I have no idea what to do; is there another way to unwrap it, should I put the seams on different places etc. Any help, tips?

Can’t upload .blend file because they are too large, I’ll get them zipped or something. Hope anyone can help. Any tips on the mesh itself are always welcome as well.

you are right, stretching like that is fixed by where and how you placed the seems.

Hits I can think of for you: Think about how the model is going to unwrap as you decide the locations of the seams. Could this shape logically be flattened out, any place where there is a cylinder or a very concave section will probably need a seam. You have that going on at the base of the wings, you didn’t detach/add a seam all the way to meet the seam that cuts off the wings from the body. and sense it’s conected in a cylinder there it has to stretch everything else to fit around that, making the base of the wing very small in the texture.

hope that answers your questions, let me know if not.

Thanks that cleared up the wings pretty nice. Still got some work on the tail to do but that’ll work out but I’m having trouble determining what part of the unwrapped image is what part on the dragon since there are a lot of similar spaces. Is there a way to see that?

I think you can use another (more appropriate) UV Test Grid by loading (opening) your own UV Test Grid picture from a file (i.e. use “Image => Open …” instead of “Image => New …” in the “UV/Image Editor” to load the picture from a file). You can see, for example, this thread: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=167872

Agreed that a better UV test grid can make life a little easier, but sometimes that’s not practical or time efficient for a small issues.
Therefore, another method to figuring out what part belongs to what is to only select the area on the mesh you want to know the location of, and then check the UV layout in the image editor window and only those will be selected. Easiest way to select just one island of the UV layout on a model is to enter face select mode and use “ctrl + l” and if you want to see in context to the rest you can select those visible ones in the UV editor, and then reselect everything on the model and as long as nothing was selected in the uv to begin with only the original section should be selected.