Dragon - Updated January 20th

I started this dragon a long time ago. There was even a topic here, but it was a longgg time ago, so I creating a new one.





About the texturing… If I have success trying to unwrap the model, I’ll try to make some alpha maps for the wings and some nice textures.

It looks good. I think that there needs to be some more differentiation in the mesh of the body. Like, showing some muscles or some sort of scars or something would allow for a more interesting picture to look at. The mesh is totally flat on the Dragon’s side, which makes it a little bit strange when I look at it. Try making it look like there are muscles pushing through from underneath (like the Dragon is ripped lol). Here’s a good picture of a horse with this kind of physique:

See how the muscles look like they are kind of “pushing out” from underneath the skin, tightening the skin around them? That’s kinda what I was imagining for the dragon.

The picture looks good though. I don’t think the textures are that bad. They could use a little more depth, but that will come with time I think.



it took a long time but I tried to improve the muscles a little. I also changed the eyes,

I falk, i love your dragon. No critics at all. Are you pretending to give more details to the mesh or details on texture?.
gratz and keep the good work.