Dragon vs. Mouse animation

here it is.

I made this animation for computer graphics and animation II, which I took at DVC.

It took me several months and about 10 hours to render. Constructive crits. are welcome, but I have been done with this thing for a while, so they will be applied to my next animation.

I saw your cat, that was good. But this is awesome, you are a really good animator…:smiley: 5/5

I think you should work on the gravity more.
Like the jumping looks like someone is just rotating the mouse with hand. When the mouse blinks it doesent have that special something… Like this smilie —> :wink:

Almost everything has to improve. Especially fluent movement and timing.

Don’t worry. Next animation will be better and I hope that you will study more other animations and copy the movements. Like Mulan and Tom & Jerry.

Thanks for the complement and the advice! I think better rigging would have made the gravity much easier, I was running out of energy by the first third of the animation. I will be sure to post when I start the next one.

The Dragon looked nice, but you didn’t have to have a simple little mouse blow him up.

Dragons shouldn’t be blown up like that in animations.

The dragon is fine, did you see the glass-like shield? By the way, that is no ordiary mouse, it is a specal ops. mouse, ie. a could take out army of cats with his bare paws, and his reaction times are about -10^-8 seconds.