Dragon vs Mustang

Here’s a something I threw together. always wanted to make a dragon as for some reason everybody makes the most bothersome anatomy for them… I mean, hey, how is the bone structure work for both front legs and wings? and what about muscles? anyway, this is a anatomically correct Dragon! I used birds as reference for bone structure, bats for wings, crocodiles for mouth, eels and catfish for skin, and imagination for the rest! I had the p51 sitting around from another thing so I threw the Dragon at it!


Looks pretty cool. Only issue i have is that it is very hard to read the picture. Especially with the shadows on the black background.

I’m sure it takes too long to model this plane and dragon, but with a little more time on composition, hopefully it will be better.
As erikwelling2200 said, it’s hard to figure out what is this image about at first time(even though I know the title!). Also, the sky is too black in my opinion.