Dragon, Walking, Animation

I am looking for an animator that can delivery quality results for a short animation in a few days time.
An explanation of the animation is described in detail below.

The selected Blenderhead needs to complete the work within couple days.

Please copy this post and email it and the following info by email:
1 link to something on youtube, vimeo, etc. to demo your talent (model/animation)
2 Please bid the amount you need to complete the work within 48 hours of accepting the gig

I will select the candidate best suited for this work and update this post when a candidate has been chosen.
This is a tight deadline.
This is paid work.
Submit your portfolio links (images / vide) and bid to:


Wide / HD Resolution / 100% / Cycles (or NPR if you have something stylized in mind)
White stage, dimly lit, almost grey

•    Dragon, in silhouette, walking on all four, enters left of screen, walks to "mid-stage"

** Dragon is not highly detailed
** Dragon is not textured and amazing. Basic Grey/Green/Blue/Red texture is fine. Nothing fancy.
** It is a silhouette…

•    0 Seconds
•    Dragon has a bit of a cough motion, a small puff of smoke, and fire leave mouth
•    (fire can be photo realistic, or low poly, stylized)

•    Dragon turns to center, toward viewer.
•    4 Seconds
•    Dragon is walking toward the viewer.
•    Dragon clears throat / burps
•    Dragon has puff of fire leave his mouth 
•    6-8 Seconds
•    Dragon clears throat
•    Dragon lifts head, turns 10 degrees slightly
•    Dragon prepares to blow fire towards viewer
•    9-10 Seconds
•    Dragon blows (small rectangle planes) playing cards toward viewer
•    The cards hit the 4th wall / invisible screen
•    The cards stick to screen, then slowly slide down, not leaving screen, just small slide
•    12 Seconds
•    Cards accumulate and fill screen
•    Screen becomes white with cards (textures visible)
•    15 Seconds

**Cards need individual objects, numbered and to be UV unwrapped for the fronts to be filled in with textures
**provided via Dropbox/Google Drive

Possibly Helpful Resources:

Stylized Dragon (Detailed Tutorial Series)