Dragon Wallpaper

This is a Simple Wallpaper I made, (obviously with blender). Hope You Enjoy it. Please Feel free to Criticize in any way


Cool! I like to colours and the dragon itself looks good, but it needs some direct lights or reflections perhaps, IMHO. I do not know how to express my suggestion… As for now it’s too… dimmed perhaps. I think you should accent the dragon a little bit more. I know it’s a wallpaper, it should not be to bright, but anyway i think you can try to make it a little bit brighter.

I like the style, but the camera angle and dragon alignment is off. Looks like the dragon is tilted to the right, and the camera needs a more top-down angle. I think a good fire under the dragon will make it really pop, especially if the shiny parts of the dragon reflect the fire. Just ideas though, that already looks great. Just something from art class that stuck with me, you don’t want any empty areas in your scene, it lowers interest.

The shading and modeling of the Dragon looks good enough (despite it being based on a common graphic that can be found in many places), but I do agree on the positioning and angle.

artistic simplicity almost at it’s finest, i agree with the above, position the dragon in the center with top down camera view or since it’s a wallpaper, a bit to the right with maybe some logo or your name on the left :slight_smile:

Wow, Guys, Thanks a Lot. Yah, Ill do just that (well everything)
just one thing, and sorry, what do you mean by Top Town Camera Angle?

Looks nice, though I agree with the above - maybe some reflections or something to bring the dragon out more. Bojo’s “top down” is referring to the dragon being perfectly center, and front on, literally set the camera directly above and look straight down. A good rule for any art is the rule of thirds. Though as it is it does alright, alot of bg’s are dead center like this and it does look alright. Now that you can model a good looking emblem like this, you could create your own personal emblem for us to see :smiley:

Nice smooth polished item. Design is quite appealing.