DRAGON - Way of the ~

A Chinese Dragon … modeled in blender, post pro in GIMP …


I love it! Nailed the dragon, though the style of the finished image reminds me of a japanese advertisement.

Are the scales a particle system?

thanks! and … yah … it does look like japanese media stuff… :slight_smile:

… no particle for the scales, just copy pasted along a tube used as reference … no biggie …

That Dragon can just torment me with its mouth, tongue, and body all day and I’ll be happy.

I really dig the style and the form, but it looks as if there’s no teeth on the other side of the mouth?

Thanks Cyborg Dragon … it seems you are some kind of an expert on dragons and if you are … uhh … ok with my dragon … uhmmmmm … doing things to you to make you happy, i think ive done a good job. . :smiley:

about the teeth : it must be the camera angle … There is a tooth on the other side (you can see it!) for all teeth except for one … the front tooth of lower jaw … that,s placed in the center …

I also want to say I’m not sure how you’re displaying the bone structure that leads to the jaw hinge, the exposed pink lining of the mouth looks about right (for this stylized pic. anyway), but you can see the bone structure of the jaw all the way to the edge of the Dragon seen in the view, I would make the jaw hinge structure less visible from the outside, preferrably hiding it mostly after the visible pink lining ends.