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for my album… the lizard was my first project (which sucked in comparison lol!) The dragon is my second Organic project. I know it doesn’t seem like much. But believe me, in comparison to the lizard. It’s a Huuuuge improvement! I finally got the hang of the keys now. So hopefully. my next organic project will look much much better and not just a regurgitated version of the dragon :slight_smile: Tell me what ya think?

Oh, BTW, anybody got any good looking scales textures that they can link to me so I can give the dragon some decent looking scales? I don’t want him to look like somethign that came out of the Gumby show LOL!

Note: I’m not looking for pity here or anything… just good constructive criticism. please, before you bluntly say “It sucks!” realize that I did this all on my own, no classes taken (which I’ve seen them offered in colleges or institutes) or have any experience with other programs like 3ds max, and I also did it without a nice sketched out blue print of how it should look (which, seeing the results, it won’t happen again lol!)

There are some photo and texture archive links here:

I don’t know if you will find what you want, but it’s worth a try…

You can make a decent (not perfect) scale procedural texture using “clouds”, voronoi crackle and play with the scale and other settings until you get something that looks a bit like crazy paving. Use this as a normal map, turn down the specularity and hardness for the material and it looks okay.

I’ve been modelling a dragon too, partly to get to grips with blender and partly because I used to draw plenty of dragons back in the days when I use to DM Advanced D&D. There are lots of great images out there to use as source material, although I tend to look more at dinosaur imagery and work from that.

Enrico Valenza has some great tutorials on dinosaurs at http://www.enricovalenza.com/textall.html but they are probably overkill until you get to the point where you are completely happy with the mesh.

Toby Haynes

Looks kind-of boxy in a few places and needs more detail, but good so far.

thanks for the crits :slight_smile: I think I’m just gonna sto this one and start another one (it’s hard to get back into it after spending so much time on it lol!) But I am gonna start another organic project to further test how well I can do the next time around. It’s also gonna be another dragon type creature… Its one of the creatures I’ve been messing to see if I can put it in a comic some day. I call it a Swampus Dragon (no, the U isn’t a typo) In reality though it looks more like a giant reptile worm than a dragon. It’s pretty cool looking, and creepy (at least on paper) I already have preliminary sketches of it on side and front view, and with what I learned from these projects. I should do much better the next time around. I’m hoping to make this one look much more realistic then the previous one (I swear… the dragon looks like something out of The Gumby Show lol!)

Well, keep up the crits (cuze I’ll need all the help I can get) and wish me luck :slight_smile:

Congratulations on starting to become more proficient in blender. One suggestion to try next time: using the w key and then choosing smooth may help in some situations to get rid of the boxiness.

I actually tried it and it actually made it look boxier :frowning: I’m getting good at using Grab + o key to smoothe out the skin making it rounder :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tips though :slight_smile: