This is my first go at ‘organic’ modelling and my first serious attempt at mapping. Would appreciate your views on how it’s going?

EDIT: Link no longer available

very nice, it looks like you did a good unwrap on him. for the eye material, i would crank up the spec and the hardness a bit. also it might be the fresnel contributing to the dulled appearance. but anyway i looks like it needs to be more wet.

the tongue needs serious sub-division and i see lighting problems with the teeth. duplicate vertices there?

the teeth are sort of coming out of the lip…
and maybe thin the wing bones that hold the skin out and away. Add a crease where these bones stem from the main bone, so it isnt so rounded.

good job, nice unwrap!


i daren’t even dream that i’ll ever be able to model something that awesome :frowning:

Thanks for the crit, workin on some stuff now. My friend said i should change the shape of the horns, they look too bull like. I want to do more to the texture certainly on them, but does the shape need changing too?

Thanks bean! :expressionless: (i started this by box modelling, then lots of refining :smiley: )

just a quick question: are the scails a normal map or are they modeled?

I just used the nor button in the ‘map to’ settings. So i guess thats just bump mapping right? I havn’t created the gradient map for doing normal mapping.

Realy Nice scales, I could use that scale texture with different color.
wanna share that texture?

I like the scale too, especially on the wing