Not really. Did not know what that huge massive of clouds and fog should be anyways. I judged from the photo that the video should be this castle somehow in motion but due to fog you could not determine at all if it is a real bad camera during heavy fog weather or some 3d attempt.

ha, chill odjin, it looks fine seb3dge.

Odjin: I guess it’s because of the compression… the full HD plate looks fine…

anyway, I’m playing with animation, I just animated the dragon wings (using shape keys, I felt it could be better) and posed the dragon in a “flyish” pose… not animated the rest though… here’s what it all looks like… but it’s a really early test :slight_smile:


Since the rigging is done, I’ll change my request - is there anyone willing to help me get some kind of realistic animation for this 7 second clip? :slight_smile:


Ok, so here’s an update: Started animating for good, a WMV clip of an initial composition is here: http://www.savefile.com/files/272518

And I also started texturing today… It’s good so far I think, let me know what you guys think… :slight_smile:



Host up the file, i can probably help…as for super realistic…no promises